I have been making some portraits of my family and myself recently. It’s so hard to get a true likeness. I really enjoyed the whole process of really looking at an image and making adjustments.

My family in pencil

Photography in Greenwich Park

I love taking pictures of nature and exploring different flowers and plants. I am not great at naming flowers but I do like to document them through photography as much as I can.

I have created this video of one of my trips to my local flower garden in the summer, it was a such a beautiful day.

Greenwich park August 2020

My Journey

Hi my name is Jackie Williams and I am an artist, teacher, designer, photographer, mother. This is my work and my world. I have been creating art for about 30 years and was a secondary school art teacher for 20 of those years. Recently I decided I needed to start looking after myself more and decided to set up my own business and create an online presence.

For those of us who did not grow up in this tech savvy era it is an uphill struggle but definitely worth it. I think it’s time I showed my work to the world (or you if you are reading this page) instead of keeping it to myself and talk about my journey as an artist.

How do you go from spending most of your time thinking, caring for and empowering others to develop your own practice again after such a long time. That is my quest at the moment, developing a better sense of myself through my work and writing about that journey as i go through it and sharing it with you my friends.